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雅思口语超实用语料分享:park or garden

2017年03月20日14:56 来源:小站教育作者:小站雅思编辑
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摘要:今天给大家推荐一些超级好用的关于Park 或者garden的高分语料,并配了一道经典雅思口语part2话题范文,最后一并奉送20个百搭的用来解释的语料。

今天给大家推荐一些超级好用的关于Park 或者garden的高分语料,并配了一道经典雅思口语part2话题范文,最后一并奉送20个百搭的用来解释的语料。

雅思口语超实用语料分享:park or garden图1


Describe a garden or park you like

where it is;

what it look like

what people are doing there;

why you like it

先介绍一些有关Park 或garden的超级实用词汇:

Viking ship |ˈvaɪkɪŋ| 魔天伦

seesaw 跷跷板

bumper car 碰碰车

merry-go-round 旋转木马

maze 迷宫

slide 滑梯

bungee jump 蹦极

Ferris wheel 摩天轮

rockery 岩石

fountain 喷泉

flowers are in full bloom. 花团绽放

In the morning, you can see seniors working out 晨练

When the dark falls, you can see couples

chatting and kissing under the trees 谈恋爱

sitting on the grassland 静坐草坪

walking on the bank of the lake 在湖岸行走

tower 塔

giant stride 旋转飞椅

monorail 单轨列车

entrance 入口

swinging boat 秋千船

money exchanger 换币处

coffee cup 咖啡杯

guide 导游

rest room 休息室

excursion boat 观览艇

revolving boat 碰碰船

mini-train 小火车

track 铁轨

roller coaster 环滑车

go-cart 单座赛车

rotor 大转轮

mad-mouse (proper noun) 疯狂老鼠

Sample answer:

★I wanna say something about the Water Park, which is located in the heart of Tianjin. Last week, I visited there with my family to celebrate my 18th birthday, although it’s a bit far, it’s still handy to go by car. It took us only 30 mins.

★Nearly everyone who lives in my hometown will go to visit Water Park. This park has been there for about 20years. It features a huge lake and willows. In spring, the weeping willows sway gently in the breeze. On weekends, local people in my hometown like to go to the park to take in the fresh air and soak up the warm sunshine. Besides, there is a white pagoda embraced by the red walls and swaying lotus. I often see a lot of people making offerings and praying.

★As for why I like it, it feels great rowing a boat on the lake, feasting my eyes on the view while listening the birds chirping. At the same time, I enjoyed walking barefoot on the green grass. And I took some time to lie on the grass, watch clouds float across, and let my mind go completely blank. I have to say it is a wonderful place where you can stay away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities.

★Besides, the park has left me so many colorful and meaningful memories. As I just mentioned, my parents and I celebrated my 18th birthday there. You know, since I decided to study abroad, my parents have been working so hard in order to pay for my tuition. They don’t have enough time to stay with me. So I really cherish the time we spent together. And that is also the reason why I must take the test and have to get 7 at least. I suppose I may not touch the score, but no matter what happen I’ll try my best and never let them down.


(1) 了解历史know history

(2) 增长知识enrich my knowledge

(3) 激发想象inspire my imagination

(4) 培养创造develop my creativity

(5) 艺术品位develop a taste of art

(6) 陶冶情操cultivate my temperament.

(7) 艺术鉴赏cultivate my aesthetic judgment.

(8) 消磨时间It’s a great way to kill time.

(9) 放松方式It’s a wonderful way to unwind=loosen up

(10)丰富生活It can spice up my life.

(11)大饱眼福I can feast my eyes on the breathtaking view.

(12)心情大好It can always put me in a good mood.

(13)放空自己It can make my mind go completely blank.

(14)家人团聚It’s an amazing way to enjoy the quality time.

(15)沐浴阳光It’s a wonderful place to soak up the warm sunshine.

(16)远离喧嚣stay away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities.

(17)保持健康It’s a great way to keep fit.

(18)缓解压力It’s an amazing way to ease the pressure.

(19)广交朋友It’s a great way to expand my circle of friends.

(20)开阔视野It can help me broaden my horizons.

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