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17年9-12月雅思口语话题Part2范文:a TV drama series you’ve watched

2017年09月28日19:14 来源:小站整理
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摘要:为烤鸭带来2017年9-12月雅思口语题库最新话题的第一手范文,与口语的新题旧恨,请在小站处一笔斩断。本文话题:a TV drama series you’ve watched 。为大家讲述一部关于高中圈的暗黑风美剧。

新题何足惧,旧恨何其多,手握真题集,屠鸭亦可期。一转眼,雅思口语进入了9-12月的新一轮话题季,小站雅思懂你更懂雅思,第一时间为大家整理出超地道的范文答案,赶紧丧心病狂地开练吧,一切皆有可能,冲7就在此刻了。话题:Describe a TV drama series you’ve watched (延用)。


17年9-12月雅思口语话题Part2范文:a TV drama series you’ve watched图1

You should say:

What happened

Who is the main actor

What is the main characters

And tell about your favorite part


Okay, I’d like to share with you a TV series I’ve been watching these days called 13 reasons why.

It’s like, em, last month, I got instantly intrigued(吸引) by a recommendation from a famous blogger(博主), saying this show was rated 8.8 out of 10on IMDB(打分高达8.8. *IMDB类似美国豆瓣). Then, for the past month, I quickly finished the whole season(季), 13 episodes(集). Actually, this TV drama is basedon a best-selling book(畅销书), depicting(刻画) a story after teenager ClayJensen found a mysterious box with his name on. Inside he discovered a group of cassette tapes recorded by Hannah Baker-his classmate who tragically committed suicide(自杀) several weeks earlier. On these tapes,Hannah unfolded(展开/呈现) an emotional audio diary(有声日记), detailing the thirteenreasons why she decided to end her life.

I guess the reason why I quite enjoy this teen series (青少年电视剧) is, to my surprise, it made me think a lot about life, about how our different behaviors may cause negative effects to others we interact with. Seeing Hannah suffering from confusion and desperation(迷茫和绝望) the whole time, I really hope someone like her classmates or parents could give her a helping hand(帮助她). Sadly, nobody read her mind(了解她的心思) successfully and chose to leave her alone when she said so. I know somehow it’s also Hannah herself who pushed away those who wanted to be close to her.

Anyway, I have to say committing suicide is a super reckless decision(轻率的决定). Just like one guy inthe show said: suicide is for the weak. Instead of hiding or ignoring the problem, the better way to deal with depression is to go get help from others, telling them directly what you’re really experiencing.

Hopefully, this show could give us some insights(给我们一些启示) into cracking many of the problems(解决问题) that high schoolers(高中生) are facing, like suicide, school bullying(校园霸凌), drug abuse(毒品), and etc.


• What shows do old people and young people watch?

• Do you like foreign shows or Chinese shows?

• What are the influences of foreign shows on Chinese shows?

• Do people watch lots of soap operas in China?

• What kinds of TV series are popular in China?

• Why young people don’t like watching educational programs today?



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