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Weekend 相关话题参考答案

1 Do you spend all your weekends the same way?

Well, too an extent you can say yes. My job is such that I have very less time for travelling during weekdays, but travelling and blogging being very important for me, it is in weekends that I do the travel blogging part. So, every weekend I travel to a new place and get to know about the local culture and what is important about the place, the history and the changes it has seen since the time it was built. Sometimes, however, I travel with my friends as well and make some memories.

2 What is the favorite day of your week? Why?

I would definitely go for Saturday. This is the day that brings with it lot of possibilities for me. I am not working under any one on this day. I am free and free to take whatever decision I have to take for my life. I can travel, write, click photographs, meet people and enjoy the life that I work for on weekdays.

3 What day is the busiest day for you? Why?

There is no particular day because work can come out on any of the day and that day becomes busiest. But apart from the work, I would say weekends are the most busiest for me. Because these are the days when I have lot to do, travel, click photographs and then compile it all into a blog post which requires lot of draft work and then the final presentation.

4 Do you wear a particular outfit on weekends and weekdays? Why /why not?

I work at a software company, so there is a certain attire that I need to maintain while at work, i.e. on weekdays. I prefer wearing Indian formals during weekdays, because I am more comfortable in them and they look more classy as well. On weekends, I put on t-shirts and jeans for most of the time. Because there is lot of ground work that I need to do and tshirts for some reason are easier when you feel like jumping and fighting.

5 Will you change it in the future?

I have thought about it, but I think with time if my preferences change I will surely adapt to it. Like, earlier, I did not liked wearing Indian formals but today I find them more comfortable then the western, so I wear them. Likewise if the preferences changes, I will definitely go ahead with it.

6 In your country, do men and women do the same kind of things on weekends?

Things are slowly changing with corporate culture creeping in. I remember earlier, on weekends we all as a family used to go out and spend some time at a nearby place but as I have grown and working in corporate, men and women surely do almost the same thing on weekends. But, with other occupations, you can find women mostly doing things related to family while men could be find juggling with relaxing and work.

7 What did you do on last weekend?

The last weekend, I was busy preparing for the IELTS and I remember, I had a mock test. So, I was giving the test and then working on all the grey areas.

8 Do you like working on weekends?

Definitely not. I would say, work is surely worship but I would prefer enhancing on my other areas of life during weekends rather than just working something that I do on weekdays. Like, I have signed up for a badminton club, so I go on and practice badminton during weekends.

9 Do you think employees should have to work on weekends?

I think it depends on the person, but according to me, a person should definitely not work on weekends. A weekend is the time to work on yourself, to improve on oneself. There are so many things in life that we would want to learn and so many activities that we would want to do. I think weekend is the time that should be dedicated to this.

10 Do you think weekends now are important to you than when you were a child?

Definitely yes. As a child, I remember neither the weekdays, nor the weekends did mattered to me much. Because I had a perfect balance of play and work. But as I have grown up, I have realized that for some reasons the balance is missing out. So, weekends become those days for me, when I try to balance out my life.

11 What are you planning to do next weekend?

For the next weekend, I am planning to go to Jagganath temple. It has been quite a time that I have been in Bhubaneswar, but have not gone to the temple, so I am planning to visit it and some nearby areas along with it.

12 How do you usually spend your weekends?

I work for an IT firm in my country and weekend is the time I have for my own interests. So, on weekends I usually go out and explore the city or write on my blogs. This is also the time I get for practising speeches and there is a dance class I have to attend. So, Saturday and Sunday usually goes on in extra curricular things that I have planned for myself.

13 In your country, do men and women usually do the same kind of things on weekend?

Generally speaking, men and women do have different interests in my country. However, with time I believe the line of difference has got blurred between men and women. It has become more of an individual approach. So, people from IT industry usually go out and meet people or do some activities like Toastmasters or any other club. Then there are others who go to a cafe or read books or travel.

14 When do you spend time with your family?

I live quite far from my family so spending time with them involves a lot of planning. It is usually twice a year that I get to spend some time with them. On daily basis, we simply talk on the phone or over a skype.

15 Do you have any plans for next weekend?

There are some weekends I do plan for but then most of the time times there is no plan. But the next weekend is something I planned for almost a month ago. There is a camera workshop that is happening in my city over the next weekend. It is organised by Canon for women and they will be teaching the nuances of photo taking.

16 Is there anything new that you’d like to do on weekends?

There are some weekends I wish to travel and click photographs and get to know about the city more. Also, I am planning to join dance classes over the weekend. Presently, I am living in Orrissa and want to leran the regional dance of the place.

17 Do you like working on weekends?

Well, if the work revolves around things that I love, like writing or photography then yes I do love working on weekends. It makes working for others so much more easier. But, doing things that I am doing on weekdays even on weeknds is something I try to avoid.

18 Do you think employees should work on weekends?

We as individals are accountable first to ourselves and then towards others. So, working for teh company even on weekends is something I do not support. In my opinion, a person should work on himself or herself on weekends as it will help him or her to improve their personality.

19 Do you feel that weekends now are more important to you than when you were a child?

Weekends for me have always been the source of entertainme me since childhood and I remember cherishing them for as long as I can go back down the memroy lane. They are important for me even now and so there is not much of a difference. However surley, an there is more of awareness on what differnet things cna be doen on weekends.

20 How do you usually spend your weekends?

Well, it depends on if I have any special plans or not. For example, last weekend I went to visit a friend for the weekend and while that’s not a usual weekend, nearly every other weekend I try to go out and do something different, either with friends, family or even by myself. But a normal weekend when I have nothing particular planned would revolve around my family and just being at home relaxing.

21 Which is your favourite part of the weekend?

Really, I don’t have a favourite part as in Saturday or Sunday or morning or night time. I guess I like having big meals with my family at weekends which we don’t always manage to do during the week, so that’s nice, but overall I enjoy all of the weekend and just being around my family.

22 Do you think weekends are long enough?

版本1:In general, yes, I mean it’s not something that is probably going to change so I’ve never really considered if two days are long enough or not. It’s always been two days. I feel that it’s time enough to have a break in your routine from during the week, and it’s also enough time to do things like traveling and visiting other places.

版本2:Sure, it might be nice to have a third day or even more sometimes, but that’s not something which is very likely to happen. And I suppose if we did have a three-day weekend, it would only make the four week days even busier than now, and I’m not sure a lot of people would like that, unless of course, we add another day to the week and have eight-day weeks, but again, I can’t imagine that happening because it would disrupt so many things around the world.

23 How important do you think it is to have free time at the weekends?

Having enough free time is very important for overall wellbeing and balance in life, but it doesn’t necessarily all have to be at the weekends, it’s just that for most people it’s the case that the weekends are the time when they have most of their free time because they’re so busy during the week.

But if you have a quiet day, say Wednesday for example, when you’re less busy than normal and you can have some free time to do something you like, then I suppose if Saturday was full of family activities or other things you had to do, you wouldn’t mind so much because you would’ve had some free time during the week.





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