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2018雅思口语pat1话题预测:Musical Instruments(乐器)

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摘要:当当当当,2018年最新的雅思口语题目预测,并配上最火热的口语高分答案。虽然常常受到冷待,但是在雅思考官的心目中,part1可是意义重大哟, 本文话题:Musical Instruments(乐器),共15个题目配范文!注意题目之间的答案是相对独立的。烤鸭,加油!

本文口语话题配范文:Musical Instruments(乐器)。12月了,又到了雅思er们喜闻乐见的考试间歇期了。考官们都赶着回去过他们的圣诞跨年了,可苦逼的我们还在为即将到来的雅思口语变题月而惴惴不安。不过呢,深谙变题规律的小编,自然是急人所急以迅雷不及掩耳盗铃之势,弄出了这份最新的必考口语话题预测。


2018雅思口语pat1话题预测:Musical Instruments(乐器)图1


Musical Instruments 相关参考题目

1. Which musical instrument do you like listening to most? (Why?)

2. Have you ever learned to play a musical instrument?

3. Do you think children should learn to play an instrument at school?

4. How easy would it be to learn to play an instrument without a teacher?

5. Did you ever learn a musical instrument as a child?

6. If you could learn to play any musical instrument, what would you choose?

7. What kind of music do you listen to?

8. Do you play any instruments?

9. Have you got any hobbies or interests?


My favourite musical instrument to listen to is the guitar. I like the fact that there are different types of guitar, like classical, acoustic and electric. I love the variety of sounds a guitar can make.

I took some guitar lessons when I was younger and still have a guitar at home. I don't play it much nowadays. I wish I had more time to practise.

Yes, I think it's a great skill and it's really enjoyable to be able to play a musical instrument. All children should be given this opportunity.

It would probably be more difficult without a teacher. You need someone to show you what to do and correct your mistakes. You need a lot of discipline to teach yourself.

No, I didn’t but I always wish I had. If I had had the chance, I would have learned the guitar. The problem was that my parents thought it was more important to focus on school work than learn to play an instrument.

I think I’d probably go for the violin. It’s such a beautiful stringed instrument and I think the music that can be played on it, can be really haunting and moving. Yes, I’d definitely choose that one.

Katherine: I’m a big fan of classical music … it doesn’t make me very popular with my children … their taste in music is completely different … they always want to listen to their favourite rock bands …

Jamie: No I don’t … I’ve always wished I’d taken up a musical instrument … I’d love to be able to play the guitar … but I think I’m a bit tone deaf so perhaps I’d find it hard …

Marco: I’m really into live music … I go to a lot of music festivals … I think a live performance always sounds more exciting than a recorded version … as long as the performers can sing and play well of course …


adoring fans: people who love a particular band or singer

background music: music that is played while something else is happening

a catchy tune: a song that is easy to remember and makes you want to sing it

classical music: music that is regarded as part of a long, formal tradition

to download tracks: to obtain music from the Internet

to have a great voice: to sing well

to go on tour: to go on a planned series of performances around a region or country

a huge following: a large number of fans

live music: music that is listened to while it is performed (not recorded)

live performance: (see live music)

a massive hit: a record that sells lots of copies

a music festival: music performances at a venue often over several days

musical talent: skilled at music

to be/sing out of tune: to not be in harmony/to sing the wrong notes

a piece of music: an item of music

to play by ear: to play without reading the musical notes

a pop group: a small group of people who play or sing pop music together

to read music: to understand and follow written musical notes

a rock band: a group of musicians that play rock music

to sing along to: to join in singing

a sing-song: to sing informally, often with other people

a slow number: a song with a slow tempo

to take up a musical instrument: to begin learning a musical instrument

taste in music: the music someone likes

to be tone deaf: to be unable to distinguish the different notes in music

Music is something we all hear. Some to get rid of stress, others to dance and some others to just pass time listening to something beautiful. And that is the topic for today.Let us have a look at some of the questions related to music and their possible answers.


1.Do you like music?

Yes, I do love listening music.

2.What kind of music do you like?

For most of it, I really like pop music, so you can see me hearing, lot of Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and other pop stars. Apart from them, I am mostly an artist fan. So, I would hear, one direction , rihanna, eminem and then there is kesha and nicki minaj. Also, I like to hear my country music. We have got great singers like A R Rehman, Mohit Chauhan, Lata Magneshkar, Ansuhka and so many more.

3.Do you think music has an effect on people’s lives?

I think music surely has an effect on people’s lives. It tends to make it lot more easier when you are stressed out or depressed about something. Apart form this, music is a good way of relaxing and feeling good about life.

4.When do you usually listen to music?

Often, I listen to music whenever I am feeling bored or low. I have my different playlists made that help me to get into a particular mood whenever I feel low. Also, I like listening to music when I am travelling. It becomes lot more fun when you are travelling and there is a travel song going on.

5.What kind of music did you like when you were younger?

As a child, I was not very particular about music as such. I used to listen to any of the songs that used to pop up in television or the ones that I heard in the local city bus.

6.What kind of music is popular in your country?

People in my country mostly like the bollywood songs. So, you could see them dancing to the beats of bollywood songs but then there are some regional songs and artists as well who are very famous. Even more, with the coming of internet, the youth is also listening to lot of international artists.

7.Do you play any musical instruments?

I have started playing guitar recently. So, I don’t play it very well but I have learnt playing some basic songs and few high nodes here and there.

8.Which is you favorite musical instrument?

I love the voice of flute. I find it very soothing and at the same time it brings lot of life to a song.

9.How do you listen to music?

For most of the time, I listen to music on my phone using headphones. But sometimes, I like listening to loud music, so then I listen using speakers.

10.Are your music taste varied?

Too an extent yes. This is because I for the lyrics of the song rather than the singer and the genre. So, there are some pop songs that I love, and then some rock and also some regional songs.

11.Do you like to sing along to your favorite songs?

I do that mostly. Although my voice is not that good, I usually just close the doors of my room and play my favorite songs and sing along in the loudest of my voice, dance with it. Sometimes I call my friends also, and we have these crazy karaoke parties.

12.Is live music popular in your country?

As far as I know, it was not very popular in earlier decades, but it is slowly gaining momentum with the new corporate culture and colleges and globalization happening around. People know more about their stars and the stars go on doing concerts to stay connected with their fans.

13.Do you wish you could play any musical instrument?

I would some day love to play drums. I really get gooze bumps when I see a drummer. I mean there is so much to do in that instruments, you need to beat on those different drums and then tap your feet to get that perfect rhythm and that sound. It is great to hear that base in the song, so yes, I would love to be a good drummer some day.


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