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雅思口语库part2话题范文汇总之:感兴趣的学科(an area of science you are interested in)

2017年12月12日14:33 来源:小站整理
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摘要:为烤鸭带来雅思口语题库话题:感兴趣的学科(an area of science you studied that you are interested in)。 范文用词地道,逻辑连贯,适用于各类考生。文末附高分口语语料,口语复习强势助攻口语提分,考试在即,速速修炼,召唤7分神龙,从此分手雅思。

本期奉上雅思口语题库part2话题范文汇总之:感兴趣的学科(an area of science you studied that you are interested in),多个话题版本,总有一款适合你,还不速来围观。友情提示:考生应该尽量避免传统的背诵套句或者是模版的口语学习方式,去学习口语范文中地道的词组搭配以及英美人士的思维方式,更加关注词组和逻辑思维两个层面。另外,就是要从扣题角度出发,看优秀范文如何从扣题的方面来展开口语话题。戳红色文字链接,查看范文详情:

You should say:

what branch of science it is;

when you studied it;

how you studied it;

and explain why you are interested in it.


雅思口语库part2话题范文汇总之:感兴趣的学科(an area of science you are interested in)图1



高分语料:Learning about the geography is really intersting and useful. from the pictures and texts, I learn the differences between different areas and know the reason why sandstorm always break out in my city. I know paris is a romantic city located in Europe while Ausstralia is a country with heaps of sheep . I could see kaola sleeping in the tree in my textbook also could run after elephant inAfirica. the landscape and diversity of species gives me a sense of peace.



高分语段:I did not have any idea about the inner parts of living beings. The subject helped me a lot to gather knowledge about the biological issues. After having the practical classes, I came to know about that how the inside of a living being looks like. I also knew the names of the organs and what their functions were to keep humans and other living beings alive. Moreover, I became expert in peeling the skins of the dead animals. In fact, I was afraid of blood and injuries. The fear disappeared after participating the practical class. Further, I learned some other precious knowledge from this subject.



高分语料:Our teachers used to tell us stories first and then would explain the theory, experiment or math of the textbooks. They would then relate the story with the study. Later they would explain us the real examples and facts. Sometimes they used to take us to the Physics labs and explain how something works. I have learned numerous things of physics from simple definition of mass to the complex explanation of Einstein's Theory of Relativity. My foundation of physics grew up and expanded with the help of those teachers.



高分语料:Chemistry is very difficult to learn, but it also tells me about chemicals and their interactions and it can help you to understand the world around you, since everything is comprised of chemicals. Cooking, for instance, often employs chemical reactions to achieve different types of cooked foods. Baking is a prime example of this type of use, as it often employs ingredients like baking soda that react with acids in the recipe and help the cake or cookies to rise when heated.





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