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2018年5-8月雅思口语part2新题:a favorite song of yours

2018年05月03日16:27 来源:小站整理作者:小站雅思编辑
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摘要:5月第一场雅思口语考试刚刚结束,参加考试的考鸭们为大家奉献第一手雅思口语新题回忆,小站雅思君为你蹲守了全部口语新题,并配上参考范文,以供口语备考复习。本期口语part2话题为:a favorite song of yours.接下来就看各位考鸭的表现了,加油。

5月除了激动人心的小长假,还有雅思口语变题季。小站雅思君第一时间为大家整理出了详细版的雅思口语新题库,本季雅思口语题库的新题并不新,话题依然很生活化,对于有故事有酒的考鸭来说,话题难度不大,用心准备过的考鸭,相信都能够自信面对雅思口语考官。本期口语part2话题为:a favorite song of yours.(你最喜欢的一首歌)友情提示:雅思口语考官不是坏人哦,考试现场保持淡定从容的微笑。

2018年5-8月雅思口语part2新题:a favorite song of yours图1

Describe a favorite song of yours(new)

You should say:

What this song is about

When you listened to this song for the first time

How often you listen to this song

And explain why you think it is your favorite

雅思口语part 2话题参考范文

My favorite song is “MY Heart Will GO On”, from the titanic movie. Celine Dion who is a famous playback singer and a pop start of Canada and us has sung this song. I had seen a video this song on a music channel before the movie released in my country before a 20 years ago. When I saw the video, I was impressed by the picturization of the song. Liked the song and immediately I bought its audio from the market and I started listening to the song.

The lyrics of the song are wonderful and touchy. The song talks about true love that is eternal and the song has been associate with the character of the heroin of the film in such a wonderful way that that the song is a message of a girl in the movie who falls in love with a painter on the ship titanic. The ship sinks, she loses her love, yet, she remembers her love at an age of 80+ and all the memories of her love are as fresh as a flower.

Apart from the lyrics, the singer Celine Dion has sung the song. She has made it melodious and effective with her beautiful voice. The tune of the song and music are so soothing and melodious that we want to hear the song again and again. I like the song so much that I kept the tune of this song as my mobile’s ring tone for a long time. I still hear this song on my computer and mobile. This song is one of my favorite songs and the best in the career of Celine Dion according to me.

雅思口语part 3参考问题及范文

1. What would life be like without music?

Life without music would be quiet and dull. What would we do at parties besides eating and talking? That might as well be a meeting. Think about the best party you’ve ever been to, how vibrant and outgoing everyone was. Especially when everyone’s favourite jam came on. Music helps me focus on projects when the house is soundless. In the past, I would drive around town aimlessly at night with nothing but music and my thoughts. This helped my creativity tremendously.

2. Which is more important to you, music or TV?

Although television takes up a big chunk of my life I could probably do without it. Music, on the other hand, is irreplaceable. I’m thinking to myself I could read the news & also read a novel that the blockbuster movie was adapted from. Consequentially, I cannot read a song. Novels are famously known for being better than the movie. There is no possible way to hear music in any other form. It all boils down to what can be replaced and what can’t.

3. What kind of music do you like?

I’ve always had an infatuation with music since I was a kid. My family likes to remind me of the time when I was two & I learned to say “Jackson! Jackson!” then hobble/hop around when his songs were played. Although my taste for music has evolved & diversified since then, music still holds a special place in my heart. I listen to all types of music & I am open to new music. Having said that, as I am writing this I am listening to classical music because it helps me concentrate and be more resourceful. The most common type of genre I listen to is Hip-Hop or Rap. I really feel that rappers recite more contemporary poetry. There are a few R&B artists I listen to regularly.

4. What musical genre do you really hate? Why?

I detest American Country music. It has got to be the lamest and depressing music genre available to the public. I cannot pinpoint the exact reason why I abhor this heinous excuse for music but I will try. Country music is extremely patriotic, quite irritating. America is number one when most of the people that listen to that type of music probably have never left the proximity of their area code. Music CEO’s realise that white American population are losing jobs to “foreigners” so country music artists use that and say white America should love a pure America. It’s a clever way to be racist. When in truth no one is a True American. The lyrics are too simple but try too hard to be meaningful. Country music has a kind twang that I loathe. It will never grow on me & I try my hardest not to judge the people who listen to country music.

5. What do you think of music your parents listen to?

My father has the same affection, if not more, for music as me. While I was growing up I have fond memories with the family & there was always traditional or classical Iranian music playing during these moments. Although I don’t have any Iranian music on my computer & never choose to listen to Iranian music I do like some of it. However, I am not crazy about some of today’s popular Iranian songs because they always seem to be furrowing their brows while griping about love.

6. Why do humans like music so much?

Without looking up scientific facts why the human species is drawn to music I can muse that music has been a part of humans since the existence of man. Cavemen created drums and hopped around to the beat while circling a fire. Music evokes a feeling in people & I think that at its core that is why humans appreciate music so much.

7. Why is music important to you?

Music plays an important role in my life. Whatever emotion I am feeling or mood I am in, I pair it with music. Some people listen to Adele when they are sad or Pitbull when they are happy. Music is the soundtrack to my life. Certain songs come on and it teleports me back to a moment while I was listening to that same song, usually a happier time too.

8. What influence do you think music has on life?

Music doesn’t influence me like it used to. When I was 12 I started listening to hip-hop and it slightly influenced the way I dressed and somewhat how I acted. Case in point, when I saw Dr. Dre wearing a black fitted baseball hat, I always wore one. Now I am older and music doesn’t have that type of influence on me but some music does affect my behaviour or mood. If I am listening up-tempo music it usually goes well with a party or my good music, whereas slower tempo music helps me relax and unwind.

9. What is the best time and place to listen to music?

That’s the beauty of music; you can almost always listen to music. I feel the best time to have music is in social gatherings like when you are with close friends and you create a soundtrack for that occasion. At the same time, a meeting where you are trying to work is not an appropriate time to listen to any kind of music; even white noise.

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