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摘要:2018年9-12月的雅思口语part 1新题已上线。本期话题:Photos (照片),这是一道常见话题,想要说的出彩,也许你需要一些参考答案及高分表达作辅助,下文自取,考生们各取所需,不用客气。

2018年9-12月的雅思口语part 1话题已更新,本季的part 1话题一如既往地日常化。本期话题:Photos (照片),日常爱自拍的小伙伴你们的话匣子打开了吗?另附小站雅思君分享的相关题目及参考答案,考生们可根据自己的实际情况参考复习。



Do you like to take photos?

Do you prefer to take photos yourself or to have other people take photos?

How often do you take photos?

In what situations do you take photos?

How do you keep your photos?


Do you like to take photos?

I am not a professional photographer and my interests vary for a career. However, I do like clicking photos from my iPhone, either when I am travelling or at parties. For me, photos are a mere collection of the memories made which I often display at my house of social media account. Taking those crazy pictures, sometimes hazy fill me with joy and remind me of the great times I had.


Would you like to study photography?

Presently not. I think there is already a lot on my plate. With a job at a corporate and being a freelancer leaves very little time for any learning. Also, my focus right now is on improving my writing and speaking skills. Having said that, photography is something I would love to learn but in the distant future and not immediately


How often do you take photos?

Technology has made life so much simpler and convenient. With the smart phones, I believe it has become easier for everyone to actually capture amazing photos. The different modes that the present day smart phones give to its users for clicking photos can actually make anyone crazy and it surely has had an impact on me as well. I do almost always prefer clicking photos rather than taking notes. Like, photos of presentations or a note I’d like to remember. Could also be the times when giving farewell or any other party or of nature. I do click photos from my iPhone just about the moment I feel like clicking one.



Do you take photos of yourself?

Not very often, I would say, but yes I do. Especially, when I have to go to a party, I click photos from my phone just to make sure that I am looking good. Also, it may sound funny, but I do take my snaps when I am sad. The moment I see myself depressed I cheer up. It is my way of fighting back and reminding myself that life is beautiful. And then there are times when I am bored. So, I usually go to those crazy Instagram features and make funny faces and take pictures.我想说,不是很经常,但我知道。特别是当我要去参加一个聚会的时候,我从我的手机上点击照片,以确保我看起来很好。而且,这听起来可能很有趣,但当我难过的时候,我会拍下我的照片。当我看到自己沮丧的时候,我高兴起来。这是我反击的方式,提醒自己生活是美好的。还有一些时候我感到无聊。所以,我通常会去那些疯狂的Instagram功能,做鬼脸,拍照片。

Do you have any good family photos?

Very few I must say. And from the ones that we have, most of them are really crazy! Almost all of them have at least one of us making a weird face. But, there is a photograph of ours where my parents are holding me and my brother in their arms and we are smiling solemnly and are parents are looking at each other. It really makes me feel good and is framed and kept in the house.我必须说的很少。从我们所拥有的,大多数都是疯狂的!几乎所有的人都至少有一个人做了一个奇怪的脸。但是,有一张我们的照片,我的父母把我和我的兄弟抱在怀里,我们面带微笑,父母们都在看着对方。这真的让我感觉很好,被陷害并被关在家里。

Do you like to take photos? (Why?)

Yes, definitely. I think photography is great since it helps us to document our life and keep our memories from fading, and the photographic process is also fun.是的,当然有。我认为摄影是伟大的,因为它帮助我们记录我们的生活,让我们的记忆不褪色,摄影过程也很有趣。

Do you prefer to take photos yourself or to have other people take your photo? Why?

To be honest, I like to take photos by myself so that the precious moments are captured from my perspective. Moreover, as I’m not really good at posing for pictures, I always find it embarrassing when being a model for someone.老实说,我喜欢自己拍照片,这样珍贵的时刻就会从我的角度被捕捉下来。此外,由于我不太擅长摆姿势拍照,我总是觉得当模特是别人的时候会很尴尬。

What kind of photos do you like to take? Why?

Well, I think the kinds of photos do not matter. I tend to capture things that are not moving, since it is easier for me to catch the right angle to make the picture more eye-catching.嗯,我认为这类照片并不重要。我倾向于捕捉那些没有移动的东西,因为我更容易捕捉到正确的角度,使画面更引人注目。

How (why) did you become interested in photography?

Well, my father, who is a very seasoned photographer, has taught me many principles of photography. Thanks to him, I won first prize in a photography contest when I was 10 years old and have fallen in love with it ever since.嗯,我的父亲是一位经验丰富的摄影师,他教会了我许多摄影原则。多亏了他,我在10岁的时候就赢得了摄影比赛的第一名,从那时起我就爱上了它。

Do you prefer to take pictures of people or of scenery?

Oh I could say without hesitation that landscape photography is more appealing to me as I was born and lived for quite a long time in ABC, a small city whose population is low but the scenery is gorgeous. I’ve shot lots of great pictures there.哦,我可以毫不犹豫地说,风景摄影对我来说更有吸引力,因为我出生和生活了很长一段时间,在ABC这个小镇,人口很低,但风景很美。我在那里拍了很多很棒的照片。

How often do you take photos?

In the past, I used to take photos on a weekly basis as I was really addicted to it. However, as I’ve grown up and have had many tasks to deal with, I rarely use my camera anymore.在过去,我每周都要拍照片,因为我真的对它上瘾了。然而,当我长大了,有很多任务要处理的时候,我很少使用我的相机了。

How do you keep your photos?

I usually print them out and keep them in albums so they will be protected. Besides, I also store my photos on my computer disk and on the internet for backup.我通常把它们打印出来,并把它们保存在相册里,这样它们就会被保护起来。此外,我还把我的照片存储在我的电脑磁盘上,并在网上备份。

Do you frame (or have you framed) any of your photos?

No, I don’t. To me, photos frames can take up lots of space so I would rather use albums or just save them on my phone.不,我不喜欢。对我来说,相框可以占据很多空间,所以我宁愿使用相册,也可以把它们保存在我的手机上。

Do you prefer to send postcards to people or to send photos that you took yourself? (Why?)

Sending photos which I have taken might be more valuable because I can use the contents of the photos to express my current feelings towards the receiver. Take beaches as an example. When I’m happy, I often shoot the scene of children running around and playing water sports, while I like to capture a peaceful sunset when I am feeling down in the dumps. In contrast, postcards are made by other people so they are just meaningless to me.


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