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摘要:2018年9-12月的雅思口语part 2话题及范文正式上线。本期话题:a place you plan to travel to that is far away from your home(长途旅行计划),关于长途旅行计划,本期的范文内容有关美国尼亚加拉大瀑布附近,请看范文详情。

2018年9-12月的雅思口语part 2新题范文正式上线。本期话题有关:a place you plan to travel to that is far away from your home(长途旅行计划),如今用脚步丈量世界已经成为很普遍的事情,世界那么大,大家都想去看看,长途旅行计划应该怎么说?


Describe a place you plan to travel to that is far away from your home

You should say:

Where it would be

How you would like to go there

What you would do there

And explain why you would like to go there

雅思口语Part 3

Where do Chinese people like to travel to?

Do people in your country like to have holidays?

What are the disadvantages of working overtime?

Why do some people prefer to stay at home during holidays?

What kinds of activities do people like to do for holidays?



I’ve always wanted to go and see Niagra Falls near Ontario; well actually it’s on the border of Canada and the USA. There are three big waterfalls there and I remember seeing them in a documentary in TV when I was younger and I thought it was very impressive. It was my first impression of Canada.


I remember watching a boat do a tour of the Falls and it looked amazing as the people went really close to the waterfalls and the noise was incredible.


I’m planning to go with my friend. In fact we hope to go there next year because we have a plan to study English in Canada for a year and we’d love to visit Niagra Falls and lots of other places while we’re in Canada.


At the moment we’re researching possible schools to study at and all the different courses available but hopefully by the summer we’ll have made our final decision and organized our visas and everything so that we can go and live in Canada and improve our English. I think I might like to live there in the future.


There’s quite a lot to organize before we go, there’s a lot of documentation such as visa applications, medical exams, and some other official documents we need to arrange and send to the school we’ll be studying at.


When we’re there we’ll obviously go and visit some of the famous places in Canada such as Lake Ontario, the CN Tower and of course Niagra Falls, so I think between our studies and doing some travelling and sightseeing in different parts of the country we’ll be busy most of the weekends and any other free time we have.


I think it’ll be a great opportunity to meet a lot of different people and practice my English as well as learn about living in a different country and culture. I’m really looking forward to our trip because I’m sure it will be really exciting.




Is it better to travel alone or with a tour group?

Everybody is different and they have their own preferences. As far as I’m concerned, either way, it has its pros and cons and one way is not better than the other. Some people say that traveling alone is unsafe and that they would never do it. I, on the other hand, disagree because traveling in a small or large group can be dangerous too. Yes, I agree it can be more dangerous traveling solo sometimes, but one has to take precautions like not walking dark streets alone at night, hitching a ride with a stranger, or staying in high-risk neighborhoods. The same goes when traveling in a larger group.每个人都是不同的,他们有自己的偏好。就我而言,无论哪种方式,它都有它的优点和缺点,其中一种方法并不比另一种更好。有些人说独自旅行是不安全的,他们永远不会这样做。另一方面,我不同意,因为在一个小的或大的群体中旅行也可能是危险的。是的,我同意有时独自旅行会更危险,但你必须采取预防措施,比如在晚上独自走在黑暗的街道上,和陌生人搭顺风车,或者呆在高风险的社区里。在更大的群体中旅行也是如此。

What makes a tourist attraction popular?

I never considered this question before. I need some time to think a little……umm. I believe it has to do with what the place offers. For instance, take Machu Picchu in Peru. Thousands of people all over the world travel there because of its historical background of being the “Lost City of the Incas”. In addition, it has breathtaking views and ancient ruins. Now take the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Thousands of people pilgrimage there every year for religious reasons. I’m sure there are other motives that make a place a tourist trap, but these were the only ones I could think of.我以前从来没有考虑过这个问题。我需要一些时间来思考一下……嗯……我相信这和这个地方所提供的东西有关。例如,秘鲁的马丘比丘。世界各地成千上万的人都在那里旅行,因为它的历史背景是“印加失落的城市”。此外,它还有令人叹为观止的景色和古老的遗迹。现在在沙特阿拉伯的圣城麦加。每年都有成千上万的人因为宗教原因去那里朝圣。我敢肯定,还有其他的动机让一个地方成为旅游陷阱,但这是我唯一能想到的。

What are the advantages and disadvantages of going on a vacation/holiday during low season?

Right off the bat, It’s definitely advantageous to go on vacation during the non-peak season because the costs for plane tickets, accommodations, and tour packages are less expensive. However, the weather may wreck havoc on your travel plans. I remember going to the beach one year during the low season and it rained almost every day. Another downside is that the local businesses might not be operating due to a lot fewer vacationers. Speaking for myself, I prefer to go on vacation during low season to avoid the crowds and high prices. I can find activities to do even when businesses are closed for the season.马上,在非高峰季节去度假绝对是有利的,因为机票、住宿和旅游套餐的费用更便宜。然而,天气可能会破坏你的旅行计划。我记得在淡季的一年里去海滩,几乎每天都在下雨。另一个不利因素是,由于度假者数量减少,当地企业可能无法运营。为自己说话,我更喜欢在淡季去度假,以避开拥挤的人群和高昂的价格。即使是在本赛季关闭的时候,我也能找到一些活动。

以上就是小站雅思君为大家分享的2018年9-12月雅思口语part1新题:长途旅行计划相关内容,更多雅思口语part 2话题,请继续关注小站雅思频道。



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