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World’s natural resources such as oil,forests and fresh water are consumed at an ever-increasing rate, what are the causes and how to solve it? 世界的自然资源例如石油,森林,淡水在日益减少,原因何在,如何解决?

解析:at an ever-increasing rate  以愈来愈快的速度


盖楼房:图纸:谋篇布局 + 思路拓展

原料:精准词汇 + 学术句型


首段:背景介绍(个性开篇) + 问题影响(对于国家,企业,个人)+写作目的(清晰表达)

二段:问题原因的展开:(客观上 + 主观上)(社会原因 + 家庭原因 + 个人原因)


尾段:再次亮明观点 + 总结理由(强调协调努力)


例如:The best way to learn about a foreign country is to read newspapers and magazines from that country?Do you agree or disagree?(托福题库)



首段:背景介绍 +写作目的

Never has …… in our community been as severe as it now is. …… is soaring at an alarming rate, for reasons which are not easily explained. This essay will attempt to discover some of the reasons and explore some possible solutions.


1. energy crisis n能源危机

2. various depletion of natural resources n 各种各样能源的消耗


One the of most contributing factors of …… could be attributed to …… By that I mean, ……Still, …… often exert great negative influence on ……, because……Last, …… is also the root cause of ……,……


Considering the seriousness of the issue, it is imperative to implement some practical solutions. First,the government should give priority to ……. More precisely, to enact relevant legislations to……. Further, much emphasis should be put on strengthening publicity, for it will aid us in fostering……. Last, …… must take every step necessary to ……


Only when the government, society and every family join hands in resolving the issue will we ……




1. 需求增加——满足需求——依赖高科技产品和利用自然能源

2. 意识缺乏——宣传教育——提高环保和节能意识

3. 利用不合理——资源浪费——合理布局



1. almost uses up the world fuel resources v 几乎用尽了世界的燃料资源

2. …… lead to energy crisis v导致能源危机

3. consume the energies and resources v 消耗能源和资源


回答Wendy 提问:为何建筑消耗木料,因为每个房子的装饰都是需要做吊顶的。

4. Alarmingly,we, human beings, are now facing a series of resource-related problems such as water scarcity or various depletion of natural recourses although our economy keeps on increasing. 具有讽刺意味的是,尽管我们的经济在不断攀升,但是,我们人类却面对着一系列和能源相关的问题例如水源短缺以及自然资源的消耗。


5. Ironically, the history of the development of economic development is also a history of man’s increasing destruction of nature. 具有讽刺意味的是,经济发展的历史也是人类不断破坏自然的历史。

解析:Ironically adv 具有讽刺意味的是……

6. Alarmingly,the depletion of natural resources has long been a problem of great concern and complaint in many cities around the globe. 在世界上,很多国家抱怨和关注的问题之一就是自然资源的消耗。


7. To avoid an oil shortage, more productions must harness natural energy such as solar energy,wind energy and tidal energy .为避免油料的短缺,更多的生产应该利用自然能源例如太阳能,风能和潮汐能。


解析:harness v 利用(尤其指的自然能源)

解释:harness:control and use a natural force to produce electrical power, etc 控制及利用(自然界的力量)以产生电能等:

例证:harness a river, a waterfall, the sun's rays as a source of energy 利用河水﹑ 瀑布﹑ 太阳光作为能源.

8. To develop and popularize cleaner cars could effectively ease the excessive consumption of fuels. 研发和普及环保汽车可以有效地缓解过度的燃料消耗。


9. The public should also be encourage to take public transit 应该鼓励公众乘坐公共交通工具。


10. raise the environmental awareness amongst the general public v 提高公众的环保意识。


11. Also, efforts should be made by experts to explore and popularize new eco-friendly fuels and energies. 专家努力去研发和普及新型的环保的燃料和能源。

12. To illustrate, to research and tap fuel-cell-driven cars could effectively ease the energy crisis triggered by public transport. 研发电瓶驱动汽车可以有效地缓解由公共交通带来的能源危机。

解析:fuel-cell-driven cars n电瓶驱动的汽车

解析:fuel 燃料;cell 电池; drive v开车


13. It is the duty of everyone of us to cultivate energy preservation awareness. For example, fostering water-wise lifestyle, leading a simple lifestyle should be advocated amongst the general public. 人人有责,培养节能的意识。例如,培养节水的生活方式以及简单生活应该在大众中得以推广。

解析:amongst the general public 在大众中

解析:among = amongst 在……之中(三者以上)

14. New types of fuel will definitely be found and then, substitute some highly polluted fuels. 新的燃料一定会被找到,代替高度污染的燃料。


15. New type of fuel is characteristic of low-consumption and eco-friendliness. 新能源具有低消耗和环保的特征。

解析:is characteristic of …… v具有……的特征

16. Obviously, man depends on nature for survival and development. 显而易见,人类的生存和发展依赖于自然。


17. There are still many problems in energy protection in recent years. 近年来,能源保护仍面临着许多的问题。

18. The fact is that the depletion of various natural resources has deteriorated beyond people’s imagination. 事实上,能源消耗的的程度远远超乎人们的想象。

解析:deteriorate v 恶化

19. Those who destroy the environment indiscriminately should be penalized severely. 任何肆无忌惮地破坏自然的人都应该会受到严厉的惩罚。

解析:discriminate v区分

解析:indiscriminately adv不加选择地

20. It is high time that we reversed this trend and got people to adopt a simpler life style and cherished our planet’s limited resources. 我们要逆转这种趋势,让人们适应一种更加简单的生活方式,珍惜我们的星球上有限的自然资源。这件事情已经迫在眉睫。


解析:It is high time that we …… 是我们做……的时候了(强调本该做,但是没有做)

21. One of the most distributing issues concerning our environment is the shortage of fresh water. 如今,最困扰人们的问题之一就是淡水资源的缺乏。


22. It is universally accepted that fresh water is crucial to human life and our daily life. 正如我们所知,淡水对于人的生命和日常生活是至关重要的。

解析:is crucial to …… 对……是至关重要

解析: it is universally accepted that …… 人们普遍接受的是……

23. Water pollution is known to be the major factor that has caused the scarcity. 水污染被认为是造成水缺乏的主要原因。

解析:…… is known to be the major factor that has caused …… 是引起……的主要的根源(谈及原因的句型)

24. The government is urged to take feasible measures to ease the scarcity of natural resources. 政府被要求采取可行的措施来缓解资源短缺的问题。

25. The public should also be educated to cultivate a water-wise life style and to treasure other natural resources. 应该教育公众养成节水的生活方式,珍惜其他自然资源。




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