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Task:Some people believe that children can learn effectively by watching TV and they should be encouraged to watch TV at home and school. To what extent do you agree or disagree?






Children sitting in front of TV and enjoying their favorite programmes is certainly an attractive scenario, yet TV is an even more attractive tool for the education of children. Travel channels take children to many different places around the globe, thus opening their eyes to the vast outside world. History programmes give children a sense of the past by telling them about historical events and figures. And, if children watch such programms as “animal world”, they may cultivate an awareness of the environment in which we human beings find ourselves and then they may understand the importance of maintaining good relationships with animals. Furthermore, TV often presents knowledge in far more vivid ways than books and teachers, which makes learning from TV a very enjoyable and efficient process.


(1) 本段开门见山,直接论述孩子通过电视学习的好处。注意,老雅通过简单地描写一个场景来引出话题:孩子坐在电视机前观看自己喜欢的节目是一个诱人的场景。这种开头方式有一种画面感,而不是枯燥无味提出话题,比如:When it comes to children’s education, TV is often considered to be a very attractive way. 请有志于高分的烤鸭多揣摩这种个性开头法,并在平时练习中加以应用。

(2) Scenario 场景

(3) Vast 广阔的

(4) Cultivate an awareness of... 培养一种......的意识

(5) Maintain 维护;维持

(6) Present 呈现

(7) Efficient 高效的

However, it does not follow that children should be encouraged to watch TV as much as they want at home and in school. In the first place, watching too much TV is harmful to the eyes of the children. As a matter of fact, many children become short-sighted at an early age simply because they spend too much time staring at the TV screen. Then, watching too much TV means the children have to sacrifice their time for reading and other creative activities. As many experts suggest, though children can learn a great deal from watching TV, yet their imagination and language skills can be better developed by reading. Even worse, if children sit in front of TV for too long, they will have little time to mix up with other children, which may put their interpersonal skills at stake.



(2)It does not follow that... 这不意味着......

(3)As a matter of fact 事实上

(4)Sacrifice 牺牲

(5)Creative 有创造性的

(6)Mix up with... 与......混在一起

(7)Interpersonal 人际的

(8)At stake (= in danger) 处于危险中

To conclude, when we consider the positive role TV plays in children’s development, we need to take into account its possible consequences. We should allow children to watch TV because it is a good way for them to learn about the world, but we should also set a limit on the TV-watching time so that our children can find time for other activities that may help improve their personalities, imagination and interpersonal skills.



(2)Positive 积极的

(3)Take into account 把......考虑进去

(4)Consequence 后果

(5)Set a limit on... 为......设定界限

(6)Personality 个性




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