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摘要:给大家带来2017年12月2日雅思写作大作文范文之社会类话题:Too much money is spent in maintaining and repairing old buildings, some people think that they should be knocked down and give way to the modem buildings. To what extent do you agree or disagree?范文来自小站原创。

带来2017年12月2日雅思写作真题大作文范文,题目是:Too much money is spent on looking after and repairing old buildings. Some people think money should be spent on building new modern buildings.To what extent do you agree or disagree with these views.本题讨论因为花在保护老建筑物的钱太多,所以钱应该花在新建现代建筑物上。其实本题的本质是在变相考察不保护老建筑物的弊端和建筑现在建筑物的优势。

1.范文解析:题目类型是议论文的一种观点类是To what extant do you agree or disagree类型,可以采用双边讨论,也就是5段式作文。特别需要注意的是,题目中让讨论的不是:是否应该保护古老历史建筑物,而是some people think(观点句)之后的是否应该资助现代建筑物的建筑。注意不要偏题哦。




Buildings, whether they are old or modern, is more than just a place where human beings could escape from bad weather. Therefore, financial aid should never only be provided to the construction of modern buildings.

Just catering to the growth of urban sprawl is exactly what empowers the investment in modern buildings to be worthwhile. As an ever increasing number of people flood into cities for a better quality of life, both skyscrapers and high-rise buildings could accommodate the growing population, an effective and efficient solution to housing shortage in cities. With the infrastructure improving at the same time, this will also attract more investors and create and enhance way more job opportunities, thus energizing and bolstering the urban economy. In this case, financing the protection and preservation of old buildings is less preferable than that of modern ones.

However, such commitment to sponsor new buildings turns out to be in fact far more pricey. This is principally because when constructing a brand new building, building materials such as bricks, glass, steal , wood and so on are required and even worse more building wastes that are usually toxic are then have to be headed to the landfill. In addition to these material cost, the burden it imposes on resource scarcity and pollution could be prohibitively expensive, and in other words, never could these problems be resolved by money alone. By stark contrast, conserving traditional buildings consumes less and thereby proves to be both economical and environmental friendly.

Compared with conventional buildings, modern, high-tech buildings are also a financial failure in a sense. They do not enjoy as much special aesthetic value and historic significance as old ones do and what is worse is that they are so similar around the world that fewer visitors are willing to come and that fewer investors to establish new business. Old buildings, as a cultural heritage on the other hand, could attract millions of people and bring countless dollars and jobs for the locals. Therefore, maintaining them is not a money waster but rather a money-maker.

In conclusion, conducive as it is to urbanization, the creation of new buildings is not as inexpensive as the conservation of old ones and maybe the coexistence of both is by far the best, ideal result.(339 words)原创来自小站邢睿赢老师







4.高分话题表达(范文中已用红色标注) More than 不仅仅是

Escape from 拜托;免受...之苦

Urban sprawl 城市扩张

Empower do sth 使能够(enable的同义词)

Worthwhile 值得做的。。。

,an effective and efficient solution to sth 一个高效的的解决办法

Flood into 大量涌入

With infrastructure improving 随着基础设施的完成(独立主格结构)

Energizing and bolstering 加强

urban economy 城市经济

Preferable 更合适的

Prohibitively expensive 价格高的离谱

Financial failure 财务上的失败

Money-maker 赚钱的生意;摇钱树

Conducive 有益的


Whether they are old or modern 不管是旧的还是新的

what empowers sth to be worthwhile 使得某事值得做

An effective and efficient solution to 概括性同位语

With infrastructure improving 独立主格结构

This is principally because 这主要是因为...

Never could these problems be resolved by money alone. 不能只依靠钱来解决。 倒装结构。

What is worse is that 更糟糕的是。。(主语从句)

Conducive as it is 尽管是有益的。。(状语从句的倒装)




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