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摘要:为大家带来17年12月16日雅思写作大作文,题目为:Many people believe that social networking sites (Facebook) have had a negative impact on individuals and society.To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement.范文为小站原创,来自小站邢睿赢老师。

为大家带来17年12月16日雅思写作真题之:媒体类话题Some people think that social networking sites have a huge negative impact on both individual and society. To what extent do you agree or disagree?本场写作为媒体类话题,有关社交媒体对个人及社会的消极方面,你如何看?范文为小站原创。详情如下:




本题讨论社交网站是否给个体和整个社会造成负面影响。题目类型是议论文的一种观点类是To what extant do you agree or disagree类型,可以采用双边讨论,也就是5段式作文。特别需要注意的是,题目中需要讨论的是社交网站对个体和社会的影响,所以主体段论证需要回应对这两个对象的影响。


文章结构 P1:引入话题+表明观点(不同意)






Take a heavy toll 对。。。有负面影响

Bully 欺负

Harass 骚扰

Empower do sth 使能够(enable的同义词)

Undesirable 不利的

Facilitator 协调者, 促成者

Be confined to 局限于

Expertise 专业知识;专业技能

More often than not 常常

effective and efficient 高效的(押头韵)

Rules and regulations 规章制度(押头韵)

Detrimental 有害的

As long as 只要


So popular are social networking sites ,like Facebook and Twitter that 社交网站是如此的流行以至于(so...thata倒装结构)

take a heavy toll on a and on b . 对。。和对。。有负面影响(介词的平行)

an undesirable consequence that... 概括性同位语

a place where... 定语从句

On whether..or not 宾语从句

Never could these problems be resolved by money alone. 不能只依靠钱来解决。 倒装结构


So popular are social networking sites ,like Facebook and Twitter, that almost every single individual in today’s society are engaging on a daily basis with them via a computer or mobile phones. However, despite the potential risks they pose,they does exert more beneficial effects on individuals and society as a whole.

The access to SNS seems to take a heavy toll on the health of people and on the well-being of society. A case in point is that many, minor and celebrities in particular, are easily bullied or harassed by hurtful and threatening messages posted or by the unflattering picture of a person spreading on these social network sites. Once becoming a target of cyber bullying, not only are those victims more likely to suffer anxiety, depression and even suicide , but this also further does harm to their life, work or study. What is worse, such will also lead to conflicts in real life, sometimes even crimes, an undesirable consequence that further detrimentally affects way more people as well as communities and thus significantly reduce social cohesion.

The exposure to these social network sites on the other hand is a facilitator in extending opportunities of formal learning for different people regardless of geographical location, cultural background and age. Compared with traditional education that learners have to be confined to a specific physical room, learning through SNS empowers them to interact with each other on a even larger scale, sharing information about their culture and work collaboratively and this is an significant way for them to acquire knowledge and therefore to broaden their horizon and networks. For adults, SNS, like Facebook and Skype, is also a useful, indispensable tool for workplace learning thanks to its regular accessibility through which employees could improve their expertise in a flexible way.

The social network site more often than not could function as an effective and efficient social media to promote civic engagement. For one thing, an increasing number of both governments and international organizations take advantage of its fast-spreading nature to advertise and to share public information and new rules and regulations to raise the public’s awareness of a particular field, such as public health and political activities. For another, the social network site is also a place where governments or policy makers could gather some information and ideas on whether a new policy should be implemented from netizens from different backgrounds to help them to make a wise decision.

In conclusion, healthily detrimental as social network sites appear to be, they do benefit the general public and the whole society educationally and civically and as long as the Internet and media literacy is popularised, these benefits could be maximised.(330 words





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