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1. Do you like science?

It’s ok I suppose, but I’m not particularly interested in it, I have to admit! You know, it’s not something I’ve ever got really excited about! Having said that though, science is such a broad subject, so although I’m not really that interested in most of it, there are some areas of it that I think are pretty cool, such as astronomy for example, like how the universe came into being.



2. Are there many science museums in your hometown?

No, not really. I mean, off hand, there’s only one I can think of, which is the, umm… ah what’s it called?! Oh yeah, the Science & Technology Museum, that’s the one. There may be others, but none that I’m aware of!


3. Did you like science classes when you were young?

Let me have a think. Um… no. Most of the science classes I had, I didn’t really enjoy at all, cos I was never any good at science, and if I’m gonna be totally honest with you, most of the classes were just pretty boring, which is a bit of a pity really! You know, I think I could have actually really enjoyed science if it was taught in a more fun way. So yeah, I guess I was just unlucky with my teachers!



4. How did you learn science at school?

Well, we mainly just went through the text book and took notes, so it was pretty similar to other subjects. Though saying that, we occasionally did some experiments, which were quite fun, but unfortunately those classes were pretty few and far between.


5. Do you think children should have both art classes and science classes?

Yeah, I’d say it is a good thing to have both, because I think it helps children discover where their interests lie. You know, if for example, they didn’t have art classes, then they would probably never know if they had a gift for it or not. So I think being exposed to as many things as possible at an early age really helps children develop their talents and interests.


6. Do you think science is important to our society?

Yeah, I’d say it’s extremely important, cos I mean, science helps our society to um…how can I put it?....uh… I guess what I’m kind of trying to say is that it helps us to continue improving our standard of living. You know, without science, technology wouldn’t be able to progress, and in terms of combating diseases, we wouldn’t be able to come up with vaccines and cures if it wasn’t for science. So yeah, it’s incredibly important to us.




Having said that though– 不过话又说回来

I guess what I’m kind of trying to say is that – 我想说的大概就是…

Combating disease- 和疾病作斗争

Vaccine - 疫苗

discover where their interests lie = find out where their interests are

gift= talent

Though saying that - 不过话又说会阿里

few and far between - 稀少

a bit of a pity – 有点可惜

off hand– 无准备地说 (you can say this when you make a statement without having had much time to think)

that’s the one– 就那个!




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