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2017最新雅思口语题库话题P3范文:Describe a company or organization that employs a lot of people

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摘要:本文话题范文:Describe a company or organization that employs a lot of people (新题),共有5题范文。范文内容描述详尽,用语非常地道,因此篇幅有点长,大家择要摘取观点即可。

题多如毛,范文何处找?9-12月的雅思口语题库Part3部分话题范文已更新,各路烤鸭速速来收藏,与口语的新题旧恨,请在小站处一笔斩断。本文话题广告:Describe a company or organization that employs a lot of people 近期新题,更多精彩内容小编正疯狂整理中,尽情期待。此范文仅作参考,唯一的王道在于勤加练习,攒足了勇气值,攒足了训练量,口语必高分。加油。


2017最新雅思口语题库话题P3范文:Describe a company or organization that employs a lot of people图1

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示例范文:Describe a company or organization that employs a lot of people

1. What is the difference between big companies and small companies? 大公司和小公司有哪些不同?

Well, I guess everything is different from business size and organizational structure to communication and allocation of resources. For example, small companies mainly focus on a niche market, while big businesses tend to offer a variety of products and services worldwide. Also. in small companies strategic decision-making is more centralized as virtually all business decisions are made by company owners, The bigger the company is, the more decision-making authority spreads r among the various layers of management. One more thing I she mention is that in small companies each employee is responsible for a wide range of tasks, while in large companies worker has a specific operational role.

2. Are there many big companies in your country? 你国家有很多大公司吗?

Oh yeah. There are plenty of big companies in India these days. I guess the main reasons for this are the enormous size and increasing wealth of the market, economic liberalization, robust domestic demand and a young population of the country. Top 10 biggest companies in India are state-owned or controlled oil and gas businesses, manufacturing companies and banks. One more thing which explains why there is a big number of large companies in my country is that India is the most attractive market for investment, n due to its low labor costs and a high return on investment.

3. What are the good things about working for a big company? 为大公司工作有什么好处?

Oh, big companies always provide employees with big opportunities. Working for a large corporation you become part of a huge community and create invaluable networks, you get access to a host of resources such as specialist training courses and additional qualifications, you have tremendous room for upward and sideways growth opportunities without having to leave. What is more, you have greater security and a more steady work pace than employees of small businesses.

4. How can a small company grow big? 小公司如何成长为大公司?

I think one of the most efficient ways to expand business these days is to go where its audience is on the web. What I mean is to start social accounts with

Facebook. Twitter and LinkedIn and inform potential or existing customers about novelties and special offers attracting their attention to the company again and again and motivating them to buy more and more. Some more ways to help a company grow big are to diversify its product or service, target other markets, merge or acquire another business and, of course, some motivational stuff like encourage employees to explore more efficient approaches to increasing sales and reward the team for meeting budgets and time lines.

5. Should big companies be punished more seriously than small companies? 大公司

Definitely yes! Fines must differ depending on the size of the company and its profit. If big companies get a fine which small companies can afford to pay, they just won't feel responsible and continue to violate laws. One more reason for big corporations to be punished more seriously than small companies is the fact that the bigger the company is, the bigger the scope and depth of its effects are. For instance, the level of pollution caused by a small company is significantly different from the one caused by a big multinational corporation, which, of course, must entail a different level of responsibility a punishment.



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