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1 Are there any TV channels in your country that don’t have adverts?

Loraine: No … they’re all commercial channels and show adverts all day long … too many really … and there’s also a lot of product placement going on … especially in soap operas where they place an item just behind the actors.

2 Do you enjoy watching adverts on TV?

Karin: No … not really … I hate commercial breaks during a film … it really spoils the flow … and during prime time viewing they seem to squeeze even more ads in than usual … celebrity endorsements also get on my nerves … everyone knows they’re only doing it because they’re getting paid.

3 What are the best ways for ordinary people to advertise something they want to sell in your country?

Marianne: The simplest way is to place an advert in something like the classified ads section of a local paper … or there’s the Internet of course … there are lots of sites like eBay where you can buy and sell things online.

4 What is it that makes an advert effective?

Spencer: Well … when a company launches a product they have to consider the Internet … especially how it can be used to spread the word on social media … so in this context a video that goes viral is probably the most effective type of advert you could make.

5 What are the advantages to companies of advertising on the Internet rather than TV?

Stelios: I’d imagine the main advantage is you can reach your target audience much more effectively … if you bring out a niche product for example … or you have a tight advertising budget … you can advertise on particular sites that the people you want to reach visit … that’s not something you can do on TV.

6 What things do advertising companies do that might give it a bad name?

Raol: For me the most irritating is cold calling … we must get two or three of these every day at work … then there’s junk mail that gets posted through the letterbox … and of course the online equivalent of this … spam emails … I think it’s this kind of advertising that tends to annoy people.

7 Are advertisements important?

Definitely, yes. Advertisements bring out the idea of the new products and their features in a nut shell. They prove to be beneficial for both the customers and the company. But, with advertisement market rising up, I think companies have learnt the art of deceiving the customers as well. You can easily find products being depicted as something else in the advertisements. Also, with so many ads coming in, it becomes quite difficult and overwhelming for the customer to choose the product. Having said that, I think advertisements are vital but then there should be more truth to them than flashy statements.

8 Do you watch advertisements on television or on internet?

I give more preference to the internet as compared to television. I rarely watch TV, so most of the ads that I see are on internet while surfing you tube videos or any other web site.

9 Are there many advertisements in your country?

Yes, advertising industry has seen a rise in my country. Earlier there were only few advertisements and that to repetitive but in today’s time companies are making great advertisements, most of them being short stories, instead of simply saying buy our product. Also, there is a change of advertisement every month or quarter by the company, which makes it all the more exciting.

10 Why do you think there are so many advertisements now?

With the coming of Internet and globalization, the world has become a more connected place. We have come out of our houses and stepped onto a world of possibilities. Advertisements have grown in recent times because firstly, people have less time. So, companies need to make the impact of a product on the customer as fast as possible. Also, with coming of globalization there is a lot of competition amongst companies, so they turn towards ads to grab the customer’s attention.

11 Where are the places we see advertisements?

Almost everywhere, I would say. They are there on television, internet, newspapers, radios and then we can see those big banners and hoardings all over. We find them in different pallets and these days, one can get messages on phone about the various products and offers from companies.

12 How do you feel about advertisements?

I really love watching advertisements. For some reasons, I get awed by how someone could just make a product stuck in our minds. Some use stories, others have that twist and it is more often not the product that strikes us, it is actually how the advertisement of it relates to our life.

13 What kind of advertisements do you like the most?

I love watching the advertisements which have some story behind. So, instead of those 10 seconds ads, I would say I prefer the ones that span over at least 45 seconds and strike the chord with something that is affecting us socially. Like, there was recent ad by Biba which did not talked about Biba, but about a strong women and how she fought back dowry. So, now all the strong women will buy Biba.

14 What type of advertisements do you prefer to use for getting information?

I like static ads to get information about a particular product, instead of the motion ads. Surely, the motion ads are more interesting and fun to see but when it comes to getting information, I would say the ones that come in newspapers or pamphlets are easier to fathom the information.

15 Do advertisements influence your choice of product?

Surely, it does. Advertisements have come about to affect our choices in way like never before. With so many companies launching products and all of them being so similar, it is often the advertisement that helps in deciding the product to buy. But, when it comes to choosing between a well known or trusted company and the newly established, irrespective of the ad I prefer the trusted one.

16 Have you ever bought anything after seeing its advertisements?

I think I bought my phone after I saw its advertisement. It was a great advertisement and after seeing it I was like, I need to find out more about this product. And it truly turned out to be a great product.

17 What are the differences in advertisements on television and those in magazines?

Advertisements on television are more striking because instead of listing out some facts when you see real characters playing out, they tend to strike a better chord. With magazines, the ads are static. So, there would be information and taglines that simply get printed.

18 What do you think is the purpose of advertisements?

Advertisements are there to tell the customer about the product, also, to woo them to buy the product. The main idea behind companies making advertisements is to ensure that people surely know about their product.

19 Do you think advertising plays an important role in today’s world?

Yes, it surely does. People have got less time these days and they are very quick in buying products. So, the one that has a greater impact on them surely gets a priority.

20 What sort of advertisements have a deeper impact on people?

Instead of selling a product, the advertisements that share a story which can connect to the individual, I think these are the kinds of ads that have deeper impact on people. Because somehow people can relate to the scenario and hence feel more connected to the product.

21 Did you see any recent ad which had a deep impact on you?

Recently, I saw an ad of Biba. The ad was how a girl was getting ready for meeting the would be groom and his father comes and says be ready soon and she questions as to how can she judge a man over a snack. When she comes down, her father asks the would be groom if he can cook because may be his daughter not want to cook some day and the groom’s mother says that my son will learn to cook. It did had an impact on me because in some sense it showed what the society truly needs to be if we are talking of equality.





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