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摘要:为大家带来2018年1月6日雅思写作大作文7分范文之:科技类话题,题目为:In many countries, more and more people can buy a wide range of household goods like television, microwave oven and rice cooker. Is it a positive or negative development? Discuss both views and give your opinion.范文来自唐老雅。

为大家带来最新2018年1月8日雅思写作大作文范文,本场写作大作文为科技类话题,题目为:In many countries, more and more people can buy a wide range of household goods like television, microwave oven and rice cooker. Is it a positive or negative development? Discuss both views and give your opinion.越来越多的人广泛使用家用电器,如电视,微波炉还有电饭煲。这是积极还是消极的发展吗?讨论两方观点并给出自己的观点。范文如下:




相似写作话题(Similar Topic):

Nowadays, more and more people are having consumer goods like refrigerators and washing machines. Does this development bring more advantages than disadvantages? (2013/12/12)




引言开头household appliances: more positive than negative

主体A段 the advantages of household appliances (支持主题)

主体B段 the disadvantages of household appliances (支持主题)

结论结尾household appliances: more positive than negative (重申主题)


雅思考试写作Task2 7分范文

In a world of consumerism, home electrical and electronic appliances have become so integral to modern life that, in many ways, they are what distinguish today’s society from yesterday’s. Household goods like television, microwave oven and rice cooker make your life so much easierand more enjoyable, but there are some disadvantages. As a whole, this kind of household goods, when properly used, can bring you more benefits than drawbacks.


Generally speaking, buying over a dozen household equipments intended for daily use may be beneficial to you at home, from cooking to entertainment. Your microwave oven, for instance, allows you to cook rapidly with the turn of a dial, and this convenience provides more options in your daily life than in the past. Likewise, your rice cooker can simplify the cooking process by reducing the number of steps between you and your meal at the table. Further, because your refrigerator preserves foods for days or even weeks past their natural expiration dates, you can keep enough foods stocked in your freezer for future cooking, thereby saving your time spent on shopping. Similar advantages also apply to washing machines, dish-washers, dryers, and vacuum cleaners and so on. Thus, the more free time you save due to having appliances, the more other things you are capable of doing at your will, including watching television in the comfort of home after a heavy day from work.

老雅注:第二段支持主题,一头说利。第一句话是topic sentence。后面用举例的方式说明各类家用电器能为你节约时间,而最后一句则是点题:节约出来的时间有什么用呢?你可以自由支配,包括看电视休息等。

However, the development of consumerism in many countries is not entirely positive; and there are drawbacks which are less obvious and yet they should not be overlooked. To begin with, it not only costs money to buy consumer equipments but also to operate them. Of course, cost is a disadvantage if you buy too many household gadgets and use them excessively in what is called the “throw-away” society. No doubt, the modern consumerism is likely to have an en environmental impact, either from the production processes or the disposal of the devices ranging from kitchen devices to television sets. Accordingly, without safe and efficient ways of recycling, electronic wastes (after being burned to salvage bits of metal) may release toxic substance into the atmosphere, polluting the immediate environment. That is to say, the dramatic increase in the number of household goods means the problem of greater carbon dioxide emissions, apart from the problem of rising energy demands and expenses that will need to be met.

老雅注:第三段说弊。第一句话是 topic sentence。先从花钱说起,然后讨论对环境的影响。

On balance, the development of having useful appliances at your home is more positive than negative. Despite some bad effects typical of modern consumerism, life has become so much more full of pleasure due to these devices available from the kitchen to the bedroom. Now, ask yourself if you would rather live in today’s society or yesterday’s.



1. “Household goods” 是题目中的关键字(keywords), 必须出现在文章里,才不会跑题。当然,为了词汇有适当的变换,可以采取同义的词汇来替代。如:household/home “appliances, devices, equipments, gadgets, etc.”

2. “Is this a positive or negative development. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.” 答问题,看两边,如此你才能取得比较平衡的论证。你虽然认为好处多,你也得提到也有坏处。单边论证,难以说服读者。

3. 作文的三个T。Thesis statement主题句;Topic sentence 指标句;Transitional devices (however, thus, accordingly, likewise, but, and, nevertheless, that is to say, on balance, etc.)

4. 遵循评分标准:全面答题 task response ,逻辑连贯cohesion and coherence ,辞汇资源 lexical resource ,文法正确grammatical range and accuracy。




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