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2018年1-4月雅思口语话题part2高分范文之:家中访客(a visitor in your home)

2018年01月09日18:23 来源:小站整理作者:小站雅思编辑
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摘要:在众考鸭的合力帮助下,2018年1-4月的雅思口语题库已整理更新完毕,现为大家带来优质的2018雅思口语part 2新题参考范文,本文话题为家中访客Describe a visitor in your home),邀请好友到家中做客。高分范文助力变题季口语临场不慌。1月的屠鸭大战尚未成功,各位烤鸭还要继续加油。

江湖传说2018年1月雅思口语变题季已开启,各路屠鸭er纷纷慷慨赴考场。为了给各位英雄壮胆,小雅君特准备了2018年1-4月雅思口语part2话题参考范文,范文很精彩,速速练习起来吧。本文为雅思口语part 2话题之:家中访客Describe a visitor in your home),范文有关:邀请好友到家中做客,进行愉快的畅谈和午餐。范文详情如下:

Describe a visitor in your home

You should say:

Who was this visitor

When did he/she visit your home

Why did he/she come to visit

And explain whether you like him/her or not


2018年1-4月雅思口语话题part2高分范文之:家中访客(a visitor in your home)图1


1-4月雅思口语新题part2范文之:家中访客Describe a visitor in your home)


I’m going to talk about an occasion when a very close friend of mine visited where I live.

He is a Chinese person. His real name is Xin Lin, but we usually call him by his English name, which is Steven. He was studying in the same university with me in England when we did our Master’s last year, and we both lived in the same flat in the university halls of residence. We were so close with each other because we spent a lot of time cooking and talking with each other, but we haven’t met for a few months since we left England.

So the occasion was a month ago when he visited Vietnam to travel. He had never been to my country although China is right next to Vietnam. So, he decided to come to my country to visit me.

We were really excited to meet each other again, and he was excited as well to come to my house for the first time. I invited him for dinner, and I myself cooked something very special for him, which was a traditional Vietnamese dish. We talked a lot during the meal, and we reminded each other of the memories we shared in England.

I was very happy when Steven came to see me. The reason is because we had not had a chance to see each other for a long time, and you know, it always feels good seeing an old friend. The occasion brought back a lot of good memories that I think I can never forget.

PART 3题目及参考答案

1. In your country, how do people treat visitors?

I think people in my country are generally very hospitable, and they are usually very welcoming when having visitors. They would usually be willing to invite visitors to have dinner, especially if the person is a close friend or a relative.

2. Do you think hospitality is less important than it was in the past?

I do not think so. I believe it has always been important for people to be friendly and welcoming to people visiting their houses. It is even more crucial to behave properly with visitors coming from other countries such as tourists, because the way local people treat tourists can have a great effect on the image of a country. So, I think hospitality is as important today as it was in the past.

3. What are the benefits of staying with a friend when visiting a new place?

Well, the biggest advantage is that you can save money when staying in a friend’s house. This is because it is usually expensive when staying in hotels. Another benefit is that when you stay with your friend when coming to a new place, your journey is likely to be more interesting and enjoyable. If you stay alone, you might get bored and lonely.

4. What are the advantages of staying in a hotel instead?

It would be more convenient to stay in a hotel, I guess. Hotels are usually located close to the main tourist attractions of a city, so it will be less time-consuming if travellers choose a hotel. Also, you can receive good services from the hotel. For example, you can have free breakfast ready in the morning, while you will need to spend time cooking when you stay with a friend.




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