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摘要:Can you describe yourself as a punctual person?小站小编为你送上2018年5月雅思口语话题part1新题:Punctuality(守时)共10个问题的范文。所有因为变题月到来而惴惴不安的烤鸭们,速速收下这篇原创口语范文!



1.Do you keep track of time usually?


I certainly do. I think it’s important for most people nowadays to be able to keep track of time because we are living in a such a fast paced world where, the faster you are at doing things, the more likely you are to be successful.

2.Can you describe yourself as a punctual person?


Well, at least I always try to be on time. But you know, living in a city where traffic jam is an unavoidable part of the daily life makes it difficult to be a punctual person. I wouldn’t want to use it as an excuse so I tend to set out earlier when I go to an appointment just in case.

3.Do you wear a watch?


I like wearing watches and I used to wear them. However, with changing times, I have stopped wearing one.

4.Do you think it is important for an individual to be on time?


I think it is quite of a relative question. So, it mostly depends on the situation. For example, if an individual is late for a meeting or a flight, the person is going to loose lot of things. However, for places like parties or travelling, being very time bound takes a lot of fun out of vacations. Also, if you know someone is waiting for you, one must try to be on time.

5.How do you feel when others are late?


If my entire plan depends on that person, I really don’t like people getting late. Also, being late does not mean skipping five or ten minutes, but beyond that, it really becomes annoying. Specially, in places like movies or a game, where you miss a part of it, if your partner is late. But, for the most part, if I have to not wait for a very long time, I don’t mind too much on people being late.

6.How often are you late?


For most part, I try to be on time, but surely I am not one of those who follow the dot rule. So, being on time for things like meeting up with friends I can be late by five or ten minutes. But, in formal situations like meetings or for flights, I am punctual enough not to cause any trouble.

7.Do you feel guilty when you are late?


Definitely yes, if the team had to wait for me, I do feel bad. But, yet again, it is all about the time they have to wait. For me, being late five minutes is not a big deal in informal situations. But, yes, in formal if I am even late by a minute, I feel a little low, because then there are many eyes looking on you.

8.What are some of the ways by which you think people can come on time?


Well, I believe being on time is just a matter of practice and attitude. So, if every time you are late for the small things that do not matter much, there are more chances that you are likely to be late when big things come up. Also, it is about attitude in a sense, that if you consider the even as important or for that matter the small things in your life important, there are less chances that you shall be late for it.

9.When does time seem to move fast, and when does it seem to move slowly?


Well, I think most people would agree that time moves fast when you’re having fun. And a prime example would be when playing computer games, cos I mean, whenever I play online with my friends, it always seems that only an hour or two has passed, but in actual fact, it’s probably been four or five hours!And time normally goes slowly when you’re bored or simply just not enjoying yourself. For example, I remember at school, some of my classes felt like they would never end, when in fact they were just, like, 45 minutes long!

10.If you could go back in time, what is the one thing you would do differently?


There is nothing much that I wish to change with my life, but if there could be one thing, I think the decision to take science stream in intermediate is the one decision I wish to change. To an extent, after the years passed by, I think I am more of Arts student, the one with some creativity down the line. So, instead of banging by head over something that I was not very much good at, I think taking Arts and then figuring out life, would have changed many things for now.




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