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雅思口语题库part2话题原创范文汽车旅行a car journey you went on

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摘要:本期雅思口语事件类话题Describe a car journey you went on ,汽车旅行。带来6篇原创高分范文,丰富地道的用词和流畅的表达,是口语高分的秘诀。范文适用于各类考生,文末附高分口语语料。坚持每日练一道雅思口语,临场发挥更自信,口语冲7你也可以。

拿到口语话题却无从下口?为各位考鸭带来全新雅思口语part2话题范文,多个版本范文总有一款适合你。本期口语范文话题是Describe a car journey you went on,共6篇原创高分范文,主题分别有:南方海边旅行四川九寨沟旅行,和朋友结伴去墨西哥旅行,开车去给朋友过生日,开车去寺庙还愿自驾游上海。范文篇篇精彩,备考在即,速速收藏练习起来。戳红色链接,即可查看范文详情。


雅思口语题库part2话题原创范文汽车旅行a car journey you went on图1



高分语段:My uncle lives and works abroad. He rarely gets the chance to go home because his workis very demanding. Recently however he was able to take a few weeks off, so he came back.My uncle had told us about a plan he had to take a long trip through the country and all of us agreed. He said that it had always been his dream and now we are going to share in it.We all packed our bags and he rented a vehicle large enough to accommodate all of us. He volunteered to drive the first few miles but since it was a long and exhausting drive for just one man, he and my father took turns on the wheel.



高分语段:When seeing beautiful scenery, we always parked our car beside the road, took photos, had a rest. We totally threw ourselves behind our plan which had been changed again and again, but everybody was happy, nobody minded we had to make a new plan all the time. At that moment, mum had to accept that self-driving was the best decision we made. We had experienced the best journey.



高分语段:We all took turns driving and it was truly a great trip, one that I'm sure we'll all remember for a long time. Like I said, we didn't really have a plan but we wanted to see as much of the country as we could in the time we had free.... so we just used to drive for a couple of hours and then stop in a village or town and take a walk around and see some of the sights, have something to eat and drink and relax a little. Then we'd continue on to the next place we had marked on our map.



高分语段:Dallas is around 195 miles from Austin but the distance is a bit reduced lower from the area of our university from where we started for. It took around four hours for us to reach Dallas and another half an hour to reach Jimmy’s home. So, it took five hours altogether for us to reach there. But it was an enjoyable journey. We all had fun during the trip. Luckily, the roads were almost empty as it was a holiday. But it took a long time for us to reach there as we stopped in several places and took snacks and beverages.



高分语段:It was a very long journey and I had never travelled for so long before. We started our journey 5 am in the morning and drove for 3 hours. At 8 am, we took some rest and had breakfast at a roadside eatery. After that, we resumed driving and reached Golden Temple at 10 am. I went there with my parents and my younger brother and we were all very excited to take our first journey together in our car. When we reached there, we parked our car in a huge parking near the temple. Later, we entered the temple complex and we took off our shoes, covered our heads, washed our hands and feet and entered the temple. The view of the temple was breathtaking. It looked splendid. We performed a circumambulation around the temple and went inside to pay obeisance.



高分语段:We didn’t constantly drive along but visited several other cities as well during our trip. For example, we stayed in the city of Xuzhou in the Jiangsu Province for two days because it was a historical city and there were many famous cultural heritage. After about four-day driving, we finally reached our destination. We visited many renowned places, like the bustling City God Temple, and peaceful Century Park, the gorgeous Yu Garden, and the breath-taking Pudong skyline, and tasted lots of indigenous food.




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