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雅思口语题库话题part2范文汇总健身运动an activity you do to keep fit

2017年11月24日14:24 来源:小站整理
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摘要:本文为雅思口语part2题库话题范文汇总,话题为:描述健康的活动Describe an activity (something) you do to keep fit(healthy),共5篇参考范文,主题有散步,游泳,跳拉丁舞等,范文普遍适用于各类考生,篇篇精彩,助你口语花式提分,速速收藏起来。话不多说,范文自取。

本期雅思口语题库part2话题:健身活动Describe an activity (something) you do to keep fit(healthy),共带来6个版本的口语话题原创参考答案,主题分别为跳舞,游泳,瑜伽,散步和hip-pop,多款范文供你选择,你最中意哪个呢?美好的一天从运动开始,爱生活,爱雅思,更爱自己。文末附口语高分语料,备考口语怎么能少了雅思口语范文,好货不等人,还不速速收藏,高分范文在手,屠鸭说走就走。范文自取:

Describe an activity (something) you do to keep fit(healthy)

You should say:

what it is

when you started it

whether you enjoy it

and explain why you think it can help you to keep fit


雅思口语题库话题part2范文汇总健身运动an activity you do to keep fit图1



高分语段:Unlike dancing or running, yoga definitely involves stretching actions. You might look at yoga and think that it is light and easy but it is more demanding than it appears. Yoga allows me to work on all the parts of my body. It can burn a lot of calories in just one hour of training. Also, it enhances my flexibility and suppleness in every single movement.



高分语段:As I said, I do this hobby or activity alone. I don't go there with anyone; it's a solitary sport really, and I'm doing it for my own health reasons. Obviously, of course, there are other people in the pool when I'm there; sometimes you have to share a lane with another person or a couple of people. But, basically, I'm in there, focused, on my own, concentrating on my own swimming stroke and technique, and trying to improve my endurance and stamina as well.



高分语段:Do you know that walking is the best form of free hand exercise? I think you are well informed about it. In fact, walking does not need any specific cause to perform and the benefits are more than your imagination. I get the walk done in the morning so that I can have a healthy beginning of the day. When I go out for the walk, I have the chance to breathe in the fresh air. Besides, the surrounding environment is calm and quiet. There are not traffics on the roads and everything remains silent which is not found in the other times of the day. So, I walk in the morning. Besides, I have to sit all the time in my office (the boring desk job) and lack the required movements to burn calories I intake. Though the calories are not harmful now, they contain the potentials to affect me after few years if I do not care about them from now. This is another important issue for me to walk in the morning.



高分语段:However, in order to stay fit, I register for a hip hop class, which is held twice a week. Unlike running on the treadmill, dancing is more fun. It helps me burn a lot of energy. In addition, it enhances my flexibility with a lot of stretching movements. Dancing also allows me to work on all the parts of my body. You might look at dancers and think that dancing is light and easy, but you are wrong. In order to be that flexible and light, dancers have to work on their core muscles to maintain their stamina. Dancing can help burn as many as 360 calories in just an hour of intensive training.


高分语段:My bowel movement is really regular and I always feel energetic in working and life. More enjoyably, Latin is always accompanied with music, which is a kind of spiritual enjoyment or head trip. So I’m always in good mood every time after dancing. Most importantly, since I kept this habit, I have become more and more confident and a lot of things go very well. Though this is a little bit superstitious, I will continue to do Latin in the following days.




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