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2017年1月雅思口语part1范文:study or work

2017年01月06日10:32 来源:小站整理
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摘要:从今天起,小站雅思频道将陆续为大家带来1月口语变题季part1-3话题的范文内容,希望大家好好练习起来,取得好成绩。这里给大家带来part1范文:study or work.

雅思口语part1话题:study or work(学习还是工作)。属于雅思口语考试的必考话题,1月的雅思口语part1果然考到这道题,大家一定要格外重视。


2017年1月雅思口语part1范文:study or work图1



1.Why did you choose to study that subject/ those subjects?

2.Do you prefer to study in the morning or at afternoon? Why?

3.Why do you choose your current job?

4.Do you like your current job? Why?

5.Which subject are you specialized in?

6.What work do you do?

7.Are your job interesting?

8.(Possibly) Do you miss being a student?

9.Do you like your subject?(Why/ Why not?)

10.Are your subject interesting?

11.(Possibly) Are you looking forward to working?

12.Are you a student or do you have a job?

13.Describe your job in detail.

14.Is your job important to you?

15.If you could, would you change jobs?

16.Which is the best university in China?

17.Describe your study habits?

18.Do you think your present subjects are relevant to society?

19.What are your job prospects?

Sample answers:

1.I major in finance, which is a popular subject in our country now, because it is quite helpful for students to engage in business in the future.

2.I prefer afternoon classes by far! I’m always completely exhausted during morning classes. To me, afternoon classes are much better. I’m able to sleep-in a little and arrive at the classroom refreshed and ready to learn.

3.I chose to be a nutritionist because I have always felt poor eating habits came from poor knowledge. I wanted to help people get healthy by teaching them about food, not telling them what they can and cannot eat.

4.Yes, I like my current job. I work as a tour guide, it' really an interesting job, since it allows me to travel to many different countries and cities,

5.I am specialized in English. We practice listening, speaking, reaing and writing. As we all know, English is international language, which plays an important role in multinational cooperation.

6.Well, I’m a qualified doctor. Well the best thing about my job is that I can make a difference in people’s lives. Seeing the patient recover after an operation or a surgery makes me feel great.

7.Yes, I think so.I'm a teacher at an English training center. I've been working there for several years. Every day I meet different students from the age of 6 to over 70 who like English. It's my pleasure to see my students make progress. so I think this job is very interesting.

8.Absolutely yes! I was really enjoying the life when I was a student in that there is no any living pressure except studying hard. I constantly do some outdoor activities during my spare time, such as climbing mountains, go hiking or just reading a fantastic book during a quiet afternoon. While at the present time, I have a lot of pressure from my loads of work. Consequently, I just stay at home and sleep all day during the weekends.

9.Yes, I do. I’m really interested in economics and numbers and that’s why I chose accounting as my major. Also, this major can provide me with a stable job in the future. I think I’ll enjoy doing this job.

10.Sure. I'm good at math and I think it’s very interesting. When I figure out difficult problems, I'll always feel a sense of success. Actually, I think all the courses are interesting because they are all connected with each other.

11.Absolutely. I’m really looking forward to work. At least that means you're doing something rather than just sitting there. Oh yeah, you make money too. Nobody pays you to study though it may come in handy later on. You learn a lot of things which are out of the text-book.

12.Well, I am a student at the moment. I am studying English on a full-time basis at a Language School here in Shenyang.

13.I am an Engineer working for a large construction company in the city. To be more precise, I specialize in the building of railway bridges. When I am assigned a new bridge-building task, my colleague and I have to travel to the site, have a review of the surroundings, and then decide what type of bridge will be suitable. Lastly, we have to make recommendations to the railway company of all the alternatives, and give them some idea of the costs.

14.Definitely. I can serve my community and my country through my job. For example, when my company builds a new road, many people benefit from our work. At the same time, it makes me feel good about myself. I become financially independent with the salary earned through my job

15.No, not really. What I mean is that I am very happy in my present job. I get along well with my colleagues and my salary is satisfactory. Should I change my job, however, I might not find such nice people to work with and could be very unhappy. What’s more important, I believe I will be able to develop my career here. If I keep up working hard and perform well, I could be promoted to head of a department in two years.

16.That’s an interesting question.I believe that Peking University in Beijing is the best one in the country. For example, it has the highest percentage of students passing their courses of all the universities in China.

17.I have well established study habits. I always start my study promptly at eight in the evenings. I study for two hours, have a ten-minute break, and the study for another two hours. I follow this habit from Monday’s to Friday’s, but over the weekends I spend most time in relaxing with my family or friends.

18.Certainly. We often use case studies in class. What I mean is that the professor gives us examples from real life to examine and report on. Moreover, our lecturers and some advisors from the relevant industries have set up our study materials. What I mean to say is that the people who we are going to work for one day have had the opportunity to tell the university what they think we should be taught.

19.I am planning to become a Hotel Manager. I believe that the hotel industry will be growing greatly in future. People are becoming more affluent, and spend more and more of their money on holidays. In addition, I believe that after graduation I will be able to find a good job anywhere in the world. All hotels and resorts need well-trained professionals no matter where they are situated. The professionals ensure that hotel guests will have a good time and come back later.



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