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雅思口语题库话题范文汇总想做未做的事something you’ve always wanted to do

2017年11月23日17:06 来源:小站整理
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摘要:本期汇总了雅思口语话题4篇原创范文,话题为Describe something you’ve always wanted to do but have not done yet,想做未做的事。带来,适用于各类考生,篇篇精彩不容错过,速速学习来,口语强势提分没商量。

拿到口语话题却无从下口?为各位考鸭带来全新雅思口语part2话题范文,多个版本范文总有一款适合你。本期口语范文话题是Describe a car journey you went on,共6篇原创高分范文,主题分别有:南方海边旅行,四川九寨沟旅行,和朋友结伴去墨西哥旅行,开车去给朋友过生日,开车去寺庙还愿,自驾游上海。范文篇篇精彩,备考在即,速速收藏练习起来。戳红色链接,即可查看范文详情。

Describe something you’ve always wanted to do but have not done yet想做而未做的事

You should say:

What it is about

Why you plan to do it

What is the easy part and difficult part of it

Why you have not done yet


雅思口语题库话题范文汇总想做未做的事something you’ve always wanted to do图1



高分语段:I have wanted to buy this house most probably after I moved to the new city where I am currently residing. I wanted a house of my own where I would have my family members and that would give me freedom of living. The house would be near open space and close to nature. It is almost impossible to have such a house in the metropolitan city I am currently living in. I have the plan to return to my hometown, buy this house and then start a business of my own.


梦想创业,人人都想成为Jack Ma,但创业不易,支持年轻人的创业梦想。

高分语段:You know it is not easy to run your own company. You need to take into account many aspects. First, I need a great amount of money to start off. I must raise enough money, or apply for a loan from a bank. I guess I would put in an investment of about 2 million first and see how it goes. Then I must choose suitable employees for my company. If someone would like to be a shareholder and invest in my company, he or she is definitely welcomed. As to what the company does, I would like to make it an accounting Hrm because I myself major in accounting and I have lots of friends and former classmates to start with.



范文分析:My desire to settle and work in a first world country is yet to be achieved. This is an ambition and plan I want to realise for a long time. After I got admitted to the university, I had some double about my major, which is 'Social Science'. To be honest I was a bit frustrated not to study either in Engineering or in Medicine. However, in few months I started loving this subject I was studying and started feeling the immense possibility this might have in my future. That I considered settling in a first world country for the higher study and work.



高分语段:Opening a restaurant is not a big deal indeed. But there are several chances of fall if someone with the business does not have the proper idea to manage the restaurant. The existing owner, where I am working now, is an experienced individual and knows perfectly to deal with the restaurant activities. In his early life, he also was an assistant like me and learnt the necessary things as I am learning now from him. Besides, arranging for money is another important issue. Just opening a restaurant does not mean that you will have floods of euros. Rather, it requires a specific time to get established among its potential customers and clients.


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