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Weather 相关参考题目:

1. What’s the weather like in your country?

2. Which months have the best weather in your country?

3. Does it bother you much when it rains?

4. What’s the weather like today?

5. What kind of weather do you like (best)? (Why?)

6. What’s your favourite weather? (Why?)

7. What do you usually do during your favourite weather (or season)?

8. What’s the weather (usually) like in your hometown?

9. Do you like that weather (or, that kind of climate)? (Why?/Why not?)

10. How often is the weather good in your hometown?

11. What did you do the last time the weather was good?

12. Are there any bad points about the weather in your city?

13. What is the typical weather in China like?

14. Have there been any changes in the weather over the past few years?

15. Does the weather ever affect what you do?

16. How does the weather affect people (or, you)? (If yes, how?)

17. How do you feel when the weather is cloudy?

18. Do you always pay attention to the weather forecast?

19. Can you give any examples of unusual weather?

20. Do you like snow? (Why?)

21. Would you prefer to live in a place that has just one, warm season that lasts the whole year or a place with different seasons?

22. Do people in China play the same sports in different seasons of the year?


Katie: It’s quite changeable really … we have periods of time with clear blue skies then all of a sudden we’ll have torrential rain.

Ernst: Well … I suppose it’s a matter of personal taste really … I like it around the end of October and November … I’m not fond of the heatwaves we often get during the summer … it’s not freezing cold during these months and we still get lots of sunny spells.

Junko: It depends … if I get caught in the rain and I get drenched I don’t like it … but I’m a gardener so a drop of rain is good for my plants.

It’s really freezing today. If I don’t have to take the IELTS exams, I would prefer to stay at home.

Actually I prefer the cloudy day as it’s neither too hot nor too cold. And what’s more important to me is that this whether is perfect for photography as the light is soft and tender. So at this time of day, I’ll always go out with my camera to the forest parks to take photos.

In my hometown, as it is surrounded by mountains, the whether is quite pleasant, neither too hot nor too cold. Even in winter, the temperature is still quite mild. The weather is good almost all year round as my hometown is a tourist city and there is no any industrial pollution out there.

The bad points about the weather in my hometown are that it doesn’t snow as heavily as up north like Beijing. It does snow, but is just a little bit. Every time I saw children having a snowball flight or making a snowman on TV, I really envied them. It was really pity.

I believe though China is a vast country, there are four distinct seasons in most places. But unfortunately in recent years, many places in summer are becoming boiling hot. I guess the changes are primarily due to the green-house effect. So in this extreme whether, I will really prefer to work at home, and the air-conditioning is working all day long, and at night, I even sleep on the floor.

Yes, as Beijing is facing more and more oppressive haze, I always keep a watchful eye on the weather forecast. I installed an app in my mobile phone, and see the indicator of PM 2.5. It has been a routine for me.

As for the unusual weather, the global warming has really become a heated topic around the world. It is caused by the greenhouse effect as the a sheer volume of carbon dioxide have been emitted into the air, preventing the atmosphere from cooling off at night. And another unusual weather, I’m afraid is the hurricane which can easily flatten thousands of homes near the coast in a short period of time.

Well, if I were to choose between the two, I’ll probably go with the distinct seasons in each year because each season has its own merits. Whereas I will get bored if it is warm all year round.

No, when in spring and autumn, the temperature is neither too cold nor too hot, people in China tend to hike in the mountains, or go running. When it comes to summer, people can choose more physical activities like swimming, camping in the forests and playing balls, etc. But in winter, people believe it not suitable for outdoor exercises, so they prefer to stay at home for resting.

Examiner: Tell me about your country’s climate. Candidate: We have an extreme climate. Our winters are absolutely freezing, and our summers are boiling hot. That means that the people, the houses, the transport system, everything needs to be prepared to cope with every kind of weather.

Examiner: What’s your favorite kind of weather? Candidate: What I like most is hot, dry weather. I love being able to sit outside on a balmy evening with a drink, rather than cooped up inside like you are in the winter.

Examiner: Does the weather influence your mood? Candidate: Yes, it certainly does. It’s the rain that influences my mood the most. I hate it when it’s raining – it makes me feel so down. It’s hard to go out, without getting soaked to the skin, anyway. And the sky is so dismal and overcast. It’s miserable!

Examiner: Is it worse to feel too hot or too cold? Candidate: Well, I suppose if it’s too cold you can just wear more layers, but nevertheless I prefer to be too hot. At least it means the weather is good, and you can always go for a swim to cool down. What I really can’t stand is being cold and wet. That’s the worst combination and it makes me worry that I’m going to catch a cold.


to be below freezing: below zero degrees Celsius

bitterly cold: very cold and unpleasant

a blanket of snow: a complete covering of snow

boiling hot: very hot (informal)

changeable: weather that often changes

a change in the weather: when weather conditions change

clear blue skies: a sky without clouds

to clear up: when clouds or rain disappear

to come out (the sun): when the sun appears out of a cloudy sky

a cold spell: a short period of cold weather

to dress up warm: to wear warm clothes to protect yourself against wintry conditions

a drop of rain: a little bit of rain

a flash flood: a sudden and severe flood

freezing cold: very cold (informal)

to get caught in the rain: to be outside when it rains unexpectedly

to get drenched: to get very wet

heatstroke: a serious condition caused by being too long in hot weather

a heatwave: a period of very hot weather

heavy rain: intense rainfall

long-range forecast: the weather forecast for several days or weeks ahead

mild climate: a climate without extreme weather conditions

mild winter: a winter that isn’t particularly cold

not a cloud in the sky: see ‘clear blue skies’ above

to pour down: to rain heavily

to be rained off: to be cancelled or postponed due to poor weather

sunny spells: short periods of sunny weather

thick fog: a dense fog that makes visibility very poor

torrential rain: see ‘heavy rain’ above

tropical storm: a storm typical of ones that you find in tropical climates

weather forecast: a TV/radio programme or section in a newspaper/magazine which predicts weather conditions





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